• Promoting and Protecting

    Promoting and protecting interests common to the Ferro Alloy industry.

  • Create Level

    Create level playing field in the Industry.

  • Developing

    Developing co-operation and synergy among Ferro Alloy Producers in India.

  • Maintaining

    Maintaining uniformity in the rules and regulations and usages of the Industry.

  • Representations to the Government

    Making representations to the Union Government or any State Government or Government of any foreign country.

  • Remove the Difficulties

    Remove the difficulties of the Member-Producers taking steps for promoting and supporting the economic interest of the Industry and those engaged in the Industry etc.

  • Collection

    Collection of statistical information, database and other information relating to the Industry.

  • Representations to the Associations

    Representations to the Chambers of Commerce Mercantile Associations and other Public Bodies in India or outside India, and adopt measures for the advancement of the Industry.