10 Dec 2019

India rethinks its coal future, plans to reduce import dependence by 2031

Overdependence on Australia for coking coal for its steel plants makes it vulnerable to supply chain disruptions and diminishes its capacity to negotiate on prices. 

A common preoccupation of producers of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in India, China and elsewhere is to ensure security of supply of raw materials over a long term. At least in two major minerals, namely iron ore and bauxite required by makers of steel and aluminium, respectively, India being adequately endowed has a distinct advantage over China, which is dependent on import for both.

In the case of metallurgical coal, however, this is not the case for India. Its imports are set to rise year-on-year as more and more steel is to be made using the blast furnace and basic oxygen furnace ...

Reference: Business Standard Newspaper  Dated: 10/12/2019 

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